Q. Are drones allowed?

A. NO PERSONAL DRONES are allowed due to safety concerns.

Q. Is smoking allowed?

A. There is no smoking allowed at Memorial Park. Balloons use liquid propane as fuel, which is highly flammable.

Q. Are coolers allowed?

A. Yes, coolers are allowed. No glass or bottles are allowed.

Q. Are pets allowed?


Q. Are lawn chairs allowed?

A. Lawn chairs and blankets can be brought into the park and used to watch balloons launches/inflations as well as all the music acts. People with lawn chairs should be mindful of the people around and behind them.

Q. Are tents allowed at the event?

A. No tailgating tents, ‘pop tents’, or full size tents are allowed on the field. Small umbrellas are acceptable.

Q. Can I leave the Event and come back that same day?

A. Yes, this is a free event

Q. Is there an additional charge to see the musical entertainment?

A. No all musical entertainment is part of the free event

Q. Can wheelchairs be rented at the Festival?

A. No, currently this service is not available.

Q. Where is the lost & found?

A. Lost and Found will be at the Event headquarters located behind the main stage


Q. Are the balloons on site all day?

A. No, balloons are visible at the morning launch from 6:30 am and 9:00 am and on Saturday and Sunday afternoon at 7:00pm for the Balloon Glow. Weather Permitting.

Q. Can I ride in a hot air balloon?

A. Yes, Rainbow Ryders Inc. is our official balloon ride operator at the event. The ride balloons will be launching every morning (weather permitting) during the event. Reservations must be made in advance. Visit rainbowryders.com or their booth at the event for more information.